Moroko Loko is a party that aims to attract good people around a noble cause : FIESTA.
No posing, no pretending you’re « too cool », no snob attitude, just people down to party. Don’t dress to impress, but please do Dress Up !! Electronic music, crazy costumes highly encouraged, brains in off mode, that’s our motto.

It has been created in 2009. The party started after realizing that there was no more underground parties in Morocco. So
Amine Akesbi (Amine K) decided one day that it was the right time to team up with Unes & Mar1 and gather the few
underground survivors and create a special party.

The concept started to grow bigger and bigger due to the local demand and the craziness and epical music in those
parties. Switching between local djs and international guests, the Moroko Loko invited many great artists such as Satoshi
Tomiie (Saw Rec – Tokyo/NYC), Lee Burridge (All Day I Dream – London), Henry Saiz (Balance – Natura Sonoris), Bill Patrick (Visionquest – Robot NYC), Shaun Reeves (Visionquest – Circoloco), TomPooks (Kompakt – Ovum – Intec – Moovement), Nima Gorji (Welt Recording/Cecile - Ibiza), Chucky (Portugal) but also the best moroccan artists such as Daox, Driss Skali, Amnaye, You Shtak!, Yacine, Josh Kleyton…

In September 2011, Moroko Loko went to Paris for the Techno Parade to present a showcase of its !nest resident djs, playing in front of 500000 people.
End of 2011 was also the time where Moroko Loko exported itself to Casablanca, gathering thousands of clubbers who discovered this new concept and now are defenetly addictive to it.
Now the concept is exporting itself throughout all Morocco and abroad (Montreal, Paris, Madrid, Ibiza, Toulouse, Montpelier, Tunis, Istanbul…)




  • Amine K


  • UNES


  • MAR1


  • Artunique


  • Driss Skali



  • Nick Warren

  • Dave Seaman

  • Satoshi Tomiie

  • Danny Howells

  • Lee Burridge

  • Desyn Masiello

  • Guy J

  • Alex Niggemann

  • Henry Saiz

  • Matthias Meyer

  • Shaun Reeves

  • Bill Patrick

  • Ivan Pica

  • Nima Gorji

  • Tom Pooks

  • DJ Squal

Moroccan Talents

  • Costa

  • Jessin

  • Polyswitch

  • Lasriz

  • Jilaa

  • Rheostat

  • Slevin K

  • Trissics

  • Mus